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Workshop Facilities

At D9 Autotech we have been adding to our work shop facility continually over the last 12 years, and would like to think that we can offer a complete & complex range of services for you the customer coupled with value for money and cost effective Porsche ownership. Whether you require simple servicing or major rebuild we have all the expertise & tooling to carry this out.

The important factor is to know that your car is in the hands of competent trained & experienced staff who also know what to return as standards of high quality.

In our 14 year history we have tackled some weird & unusual projects, and also come across most problems that the Porsche Marque could throw towards us.

Its this experience that makes using an Independent specialist Like us important to you, the customer,
after all why spend sums of money paying lots of additional costs to a garage that doesn't understand the car that you own !!
This is where years of experience comes in to its own, being able to source & rectify faults through extensive knowledge of Porsche, whatever the model. Our large stock of new & used spares also helps to get you back on the road with the minimum of waiting time.

Your car requires many different skills & all manner of tooling to keep it on the road, this is why we have tried to structure our workshop around all the requirements a car may need. Whether it would be Computer wheel balancing, or laser tracking & camber set up, or The total rebuild of a gearbox or ground up build of your engine, or why not the whole car, even total restoration is no problem to carry out. Here is a list of services.

  • Servicing
  • Tyre Fitting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Panel work
  • Exhaust upgrades
  • Glass Replacement
  • Electrical Work
  • Paint Work
  • Torque Tubes
  • Laser Suspension set up
  • Suspension Lowering
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Power Steering
  • Gear Box Rebuilds
  • In House MOT bay
  • Cabrio & Targa Roof Refits
  • Recovery
  • Interior Retrims
  • Pre Purchase Inspection

We also have courtesy cars so as to inconvenience you as little as possible upon a visit to us for service work or whatever you require. We also have our own recovery service which allows us to reach you where ever you are in the UK.
This is carried out by a competent part time experienced driver with 30 years experience.

NB. Courtesy Cars & Recovery need to be booked in advance.

Body Rebuilds
From time to time we are fortunate enough to tackle some structural rebuilds on some very special Porsches. This area obviously crosses into the boundaries of general restoration also. Recently we undertook the rear end rebuild of a 964 C4 fitted with a modified Turbo 3.6 engine fitted. Its owner was a bit unfortunate in managing to spin the car and clip the os rear quarter panel & rear bumper. After strip down the car was then jigged and setup ready for re panelling .

Then after all this was carried out she was treated to a full repaint which is carried out by a highly skilled paint shop 20 miles west of our company.

As can be seen from above picture the damage looks worse than it actually is, and in no time at all, well a few weeks anyway we end up with the finished result.

996 Exhaust Modification
996 Exhaust Modification
965 C4 Rear damage
965 C4 Rear damage