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Restoration Projects

There's no hiding it. We just love old Porsches! A large percentage of all the Porsches ever made are still on the road. This extraordinary fact is almost entirely due to the rock solid build quality and engineering excellence of the design. We are particularly proud of our record with getting these much-loved old cars back on the road where they belong. Over the past 14 years we have been involved in many large restoration projects, whether it be full repaints or ground up rebuilds, every single one has been carried out with the strictest quality control and attention to detail.

The ability of actually knowing and understanding the vehicle is the most important part of commercial restoration. Cars must be prepared very carefully and this is the basis of every sucessful project. When carrying out this work we start with a complete strip down of the areas of the car that require attention. After this, a full evaluation can be made of the work required and parts to be ordered. Owners are consulted at every stage - after all, they are your cars!

The importance of careful, complete strip down of the areas needing attention is paramount. These old cars collect years of road dirt and in turn this causes corrosion. Removal of front wings & bumpers etc, especially on 911 models is the only way to cure and prevent corrosion. 911 models up to the 1989 model year had no wheel arch guards to protect them, so due to their unusual shape, there are lots of places where road debris can build up and cause corrosion problems.

The front wing flanges are a particularly notorious in these 911's and more often than not, will require work.

Sills and slam panels are also corrosion-prone areas which can cause major MOT failure if not caught in time. The slam plate is part of the rear wing but can be replaced with readily available panels.

Original under-body sealant is used to renew or replace worn areas . This goes a long way towards getting the car back to the initial build state.

We have a great and long-standing relationship with a local, specialised paint shop. We prepare the car for paint application and it is then handed over to them for that final showroom finish using 2 pack paint.

When the car is returned to us, it can be reasembled using new gaskets & rubbers, and whilst being assembled, Waxoil is applied to all nuts & bolts to help prevent further corrosion.

Please contact anytime to discuss your project or requirements for your car, and we will gladly estimate the work for you.

Filler neck corrosion
Wing flange corrosion
Other flange corrosion
Ready for assembly
Nearing Completion